Directmarketing, and other like company names are commonly used by credit card processing companies as a description of products. Our company does not accept credit cards over the web. Not that we do not have faith in secure transactions but we feel that a solid web presence should be backed up by traditional practices.

So it wasn't you that charged my card what can I do??
Call your credit card company RIGHT AWAY!! Your best defense is to dispute that charge. Most credit card companies will credit your account within hours. Tell your credit card company that you suspect fraud. They will most probably issue a new card and number and stop ALL paymens to that vendor.

Should I call the police, what State do I start in????
Now that call is up to you, however your Credit card company has a full staff waiting to help you. They know the system, and would most probably react faster than a local police department.

How do I contact my credit card company?
On your card or credit card statement is a customer number. Credit cards are issued by MasterCard, Visa, and others to a specific bank. The task of handling customer cmplants and payments is left up to your bank. The name on the card usually only means the 'network' used to process the transaction.
We have included some links to some of the more popular Credit Cards.
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